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Bachelor Completion Program

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The Internet Bible College is pleased to offer the The Bachelors Completion Program (Integrated Studies) from Vision International University, San Diego, California, USA.

The Bachelors Completion Program (Integrated Studies) is designed to provide the student with a broad understanding of vocational Christian Ministry in the context of the local church. The program incorporates courses from the core and from the emphasis areas. Students who need additional credit hours to meet the degree program requirements may select courses from the emphasis areas of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry program or from General Education courses.

The Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) degree completion program is designed to prepare men and women to serve in Christian Ministry. It includes systematic study, wide reading and practical ministry education. The Bachelor of Ministry degree is a vocational, pre-professional degree, designed to transition the student into graduate-level theological education. The Bachelor of Ministry program consists of 120 credit hours, 30 of which must be from Vision International University. The student must complete the five core courses and select the remainder from the ministry specialization courses listed below. As a vocational, pre-professional degree, the program does not require a minimum number of General Education credits, differentiating it from the Bachelor of Arts degree.

After completing the B.Min. degree, you'll be able to:

    * Lead congregations to creative, biblically–informed transformational endeavours;
    * Respond appropriately to societal trends that impact church ministry;
    * Critically and sympathetically engage new models with the historic resources of the Christian tradition
    * Demonstrate biblical literacy and theological reflection;
    * Serve in a variety of ministry service roles;
    * Demonstrate a range of general and specialist ministry skills;
    * Minister to people with a wide range of needs, selecting appropriate approaches;
    * Demonstrate practical skills in Christian teaching, preaching, leadership, pastoral, counselling, and cross-cultural situations.

The Prerequisite

  1. A student who completes the Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry or Theology is eligible to enter the bachelors completion program or:
  2. Any student who has completed 120 credit hours of studies with the Internet Bible College or a from a similar other recognised college or university.
  3. These studies must include 10 subjects to be taken from the General Education stream of the Internet Bible College. The subjects are listed in the "General Education" stream in the Recognised Curriculum. General Education courses are required to demonstrate breadth of the student's knowledge and critical and creative thinking skills.

To complete the The Bachelors Completion Program, a student must complete the core program of 5 Courses followed by 5 Courses from their preferred emphasis and a Thesis


In addition to the subjects listed below the student will complete a 15,000 to 20,000 word thesis providing the student with an opportunity to demonstrate their capacity to explore, research, understand and develop a theme in a subject of their own choosing.  The thesis for the B.Th. must be of a length between 15,000 and 20,000 words not including embedded scripture, references, introduction or dedication pages, indexes and the such like, in other words it must be 15,000 to 20,000 of their own words.

The student will submit an outline for approval to the office and the decision on the suitability of the subject rests with the Principal and is final.  Guidelines for writing the thesis are contained in the booklet Student Study Helps and Hints and is provided to the student, further copies are available from our office.

 Assessment Requirements for each subject:

  1. The set subject assignment which is usually a multiple choice exam.
  2. Student study guide.

Please Note: A Course typically comprises of one subject, however in some cases two subjects are required for a Course, those subjects are identified in the curriculum below.

In most cases Vision Internet Bible College provide you with all of the materials required in your fees. In some cases this is not possible and you will be required to source the study material for yourself from Vision International University or a quality book store at your own expense. We will advise you of your options in such cases.

Required Core Program
NumUnit Subject
BI 400
Advanced Hermeneutics Understanding Your Bible, Chant
RS 442
Church Growth and Development Part I Building the Church God Wants,
RS 442
Church Growth and Development Part II
Better than Revival
CC 401
The Pastor in Counselling On Belay, DeKoven
RS 444
Advanced Christian Worldview Studies Strong Reasons, Chant
RS 435
Christian Theology Great Words of the Gospel, Chant
Emphasis in Theology
NumUnit Subject
RS 439 Pneumatology Clothed with Power, Chant
RS 436EcclesiologyThe Church, Barry Chant
RS 437
Christology I
Immanuel I, Chant
RS 437
Christology II
Immanuel II, Chant
RS 438
EschatologyWhen the Trumpet Sounds, Chant
RS 419
Systematic Theology Dynamic Christian Foundation, Chant
Emphasis in Counselling
NumUnit Subject
CC 402 Crisis Counselling I Crisis Counselling, DeKoven
CC 402 Crisis Counselling II
Grief Relief, DeKoven
CC 404
Counselling the Dysfunctional Family I
I Want To Be Like You, Dad, DeKoven;
CC 404
Counselling the Dysfunctional Family II
Behind the Masks, Oates
CC 405
Addiction Counselling Addiction Counselling, DeKoven
CC 406 Counselling and Family Violence Family Violence, DeKoven
CC 407
Human Development Human Development, Bohac
Emphasis in Leadership
NumUnit Subject
CC 415
Human Development Human Development, Bohac
RS 440
The Challenge of Leadership The Challenge of Leadership, Manika
OL 440
Conflict Management and Resolution ISG: Conflict Management, Walters
RS 441
Strategic Church Administration Strategic Church Administration, DeKoven
OL 460 Ethics in Leadership Shades of Gray, Bernie


For a listing of the fee structure go to the following link Degree Fee Structure

How to enrol into the Degree Programs

To enrol into the Master of Theology you will need to download the Degree Application form and submit it with the appropriate fees, as outlines on the form to our office along with relevant evidences such as your academic transcripts and resume or portfolio.

We will accept a photocopies or scanned copy of your academic transcript FOR THE PURPOSE OF ASSESSMENT ONLY, however we will require an original copy of your transcript before you can graduate with your degree.  If there are any problems with this you will need to discuss this with the principal at the commencement of your course.

Download the application form





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