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Missions College Program

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A Missions College is a Vision Internet Bible College on the mission field that is funded externally to the College itself.

Students in MyanmarTo each Christian, to every church and denomination, to every Para-church group or Christian organisation the Great Commission remains the same: to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world

Our mission is to present The Whole Word To The Whole World in the most effective,  affordable and presentable way that we are able, and to place our teaching into as many hands as we can. We extend that principle beyond our shores to those countries and peoples who need to Gospel of Jesus Christ but cannot afford the cost of curriculum or training, we reach out to help by placing the help in the hands of the local minister or missionary rather.

A Missions College is a Vision Internet Bible College on the mission field that is funded externally to the College itself.

It is run by local pastors or teachers who are able to offer our full curriculum and range of awards to their own people in their own culture and language. We do not interfere with the running of the college, nor do we insist on our name. We do require that the assessments, or a cultural equivalent of our assessment is used to ensure that the students receive the same level of training as any other student anywhere else receives.

In so doing a student in the United States, or Australia, Africa or Asia receives the same level of award, has undertaken the same level of training and can proudly stand next to each other with the full knowledge that no matter where they studied they are equals.

To enable this we send our College on a Disk CD's which contains our entire program to the missionary or pastor who desires to run a college in co-operation with Vision Internet Bible College.

Not only do we provide teaching but we also give to the local ministry the opportunity for funding. The local student pays the local college for their teaching at a range of fees determined locally.


There are two kinds of colleges.

1.   Remote: This college, once receiving our material works independently of us. We do not issue awards and we have no control, no impact on the college at all. This occurs in situations where a relationship or communication is not possible due to the remoteness and isolation of the college making communication almost impossible or in situations where ongoing communication may endanger the lives of those running the college.

2.   Affiliated: This college works with us, presenting our material but also reporting back to us on a regular. These students pay a small fee toward the cost of their award by virtue of a fee, set by the local college, per subject per student. This is often less than $1.00, but the student receives a fully recognised Vision Award, issued through our office. The fee is small to us but represents a small faith step for the student. You may wonder why we do this; these students wish to step out into ministry, their training time is the time to learn faith, not after they leave college and get on the field. It is the time to learn responsibility, not when their lives are being crushed by issues of life and death.

They are also advised and understand that the little they contribute also is fed back into the system so that they too are involved in the missions program of the college.

We have established missions colleges in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Fiji, Malaysia, Philippines, Solomon Islands. Vision International University and Vision Christian College have also established hundreds more of mission colleges. This is a world wide effort.

You Can Help

Funding is needed. It still costs to prepare package and send the disks, follow-up research and support is needed. Eternity for unknown thousands - multiplied thousands depends on what do.

We give but we do not have enough, the demand is high.

We need funds: Your funds

There are two ways that you can support a College:

  1. You can simply send an email to us requesting more specific information on a missions candidate in a country you are interested in or if you know someone who needs your support.
  2. You can select this link to provide funds and nominate a country of interest to you Support a College

The vision of Vision

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